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There’s no doubt about it: a lot of work goes into maintaining a healthy landscape. If you can’t keep up with the biweekly watering and other maintenance required for your property, you will be glad to know that there are better options. The high-quality and professionally installed irrigation systems from Copper Creek Landscape will significantly reduce your property’s maintenance requirements and eliminate any guesswork.

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A Watering System Designed Around Your Property

Every landscape is unique. Not only that, but every property owner has different goals for enhancing and maintaining their landscapes. We understand this here at Copper Creek Landscape, which is why we begin every job with a detailed, client-focused consultation. This will allow us to understand your expectations and go over the options available to you.

Once you have decided that we are the team for the job, we will get to work on designing a sprinkler system that caters to your existing landscape and incorporates everything we discussed.

On the Fence? Why Irrigation Systems Make Sense

If you have been considering irrigation system installation for your property but aren’t quite sure that it will be worth it, allow us to explain some of the benefits.

Saves You Time

Perhaps the most obvious reason for installing an irrigation system on your property is to reduce the manual labor required to keep your landscape healthy––no more remembering to wake up early on the weekends to water your grass. Our automated, hassle-free irrigation systems take care of everything for you.

Makes Your Property Look Better

Although water hoses and above-ground sprinkler systems do a great job of keeping your property hydrated, they don’t exactly add to your curb appeal. With that in mind, our intelligently designed and out-of-sight irrigation networks allow you have the best of both worlds by watering your landscape without any unsightly hoses or sprinkler heads.

Eliminates the Guesswork

Should you be watering your lawn three times a week or twice? This isn’t always an easy answer, as the current state of your landscape, the time of year, and many other factors can play a role in how often you should be watering your property. Our smart watering systems ensure that this never has to be a concern of yours because they will always provide your lawn with the hydration it needs.

Irrigation Maintenance and Repair

We also provide a full range of sprinkler repair and maintenance services to extend the lifespan of your irrigation system and ensure it is working effectively. We are a trusted resource for servicing all types of irrigation systems, which makes us an easy call to make if you are having issues with your sprinklers. We have specialized maintenance packages for the fall and spring, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about how we can keep your irrigation system in perfect condition.

Your Trusted Irrigation Experts

Are you looking to save time so you can spend more enjoying your landscape with your family and friends? Are you wanting to save water and be more environmentally conscious? How about saving money on your water bills? Copper Creek Landscape can help you achieve all of these goals and more by installing an irrigation system on your property.

There are many advantages to having an underground irrigation system installed to keep your landscape beautiful. Our professionals have years of experience in planning and coordinating sprinklers to be cost effective and perfectly suited to your landscape.

An irrigation system can help you put away the hose and spend more time enjoying your yard. Having a beautiful property doesn't mean you should spend all your time maintaining it! Let us at Copper Creek Landscape help you to keep your Durango, CO landscape the envy of the neighborhood with a custom irrigation system.

In addition to keeping your landscape looking its best all season, an underground sprinkler system will contribute to conserving precious fresh water. If your irrigation system is correctly designed, installed and maintained, it will help minimize the amount of water necessary to keep your lawn and landscape looking healthy. The system will measure just the right amount of water needed on individual lawn and garden areas, which means none is wasted. With the addition of a rain sensor, your system will turn off when it's raining and water is not needed. It will keep your property and our planet stay green!

Of course, using less water also means saving money. Your property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and Copper Creek Landscape can help keep it beautiful. Most of our Durango, CO customers have seen a return on their investment in an underground irrigation system through the lowered cost in water usage.

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